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Life's Abundance supplements for cats including skin and coat, joints and immune support
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Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement for Cats provides a wide variety of nutritious ingredients in a formula that enhances your cat’s daily diet, to help promote optimal health and wellness. The shape, size and savory flavor of the nuggets in this supplement are appealing to even the most finicky of cats.

cat wellness supplement
skin and coat supplement
This unique delicious chewable formula provides a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids plus Vitamins A, D, and E which are beneficial for the maintenance of healthy skin and a glossy coat.
Wellness Food Supplement
Skin and Coat Formula For Dogs and Cats
Agility joint supplement
Agility Joint Formula For Dogs and Cats
Agility with Glucosamine and MSM and hyaluronic acid plus MORE is a natural, holistic multi-action joint support supplement containing scientifically tested ingredients that can help maintain joint and connective tissue health.
 Ultra Pure Fish Oil
Life's Abundance Ultra Pure Fish Oil
Our 2-oz. (recommended size for cats) and 8-oz. fish oil supplements are the exact same formula. We offer two sizes so you can choose the ideal size for your pet household and use it within 90 days for optimal freshness.

Regular supplementation of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from fish oil can help support your companion animal’s healthy skin, coat, heart, brain eyes and joints. 

Life's Abundance is Better

Our fish oils contain at least 30% EPA and DHA, an ideal concentration for the overall health of your dog or cat. The oil is in a triglyceride form, which is highly bioavailable and without added flavors so it has a natural taste that dogs and cats love.

Our liquid fish oil supplements are effortless to feed compared to gel capsules, which can be difficult to swallow and messy when rejected. The 2-oz. bottle has an easy-to-measure dropper and the 8-oz. bottle has an easy-to-use cup. (A triglyceride fish oil will not have any effect on the plastic dropper or measuring cup.)

Life's Abundance fish oils meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry for quality assurance. In fact, each batch of our fish oil for pets is tested by an independent third-party organization (IFOS) and the results are posted on the Life's Abundance site so you can see the quality, concentration and purity that Life's Abundance omega 3 supplements offer.